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    An irreverent clash of lightness and indulgence composed by Sonia Constant, Valentino Donna Acqua is a collision between tender green almond and frosted pear. The warmth of a frangipani rose accord meets a suggestion of sandalwood and hawthorn.

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    green almond /ɡriːnˈɑːmənd/ n. Prunus Dulcis

    A fruit with a pastel green exterior, whose seed is crunchy when lightly toasted. ♦ Crisp sweetness: the almond has a nutty, milky taste with fresh greenness. ♦ History: the almond is traditionally an important Italian crop. ♦ Etymology: name comes from Old French almande or alemande, altered in Medieval Latin by influence of amandus “loveable”. ♦ Symbol: good fortune, commonly given at Italian weddings and baptisms. ♦ Myth: in Sicily, the almond tree is associated with love and fidelity: ♦ In the IIIrd Century, on the day of Valentin de Terni’s death, her found lover planted an almond tree on his grave… This day became Valentine’s Day, and the tree a symbol of love. ♦ I yearn for your cascading laugh, I desire to consummate you like an almond, intact (Pablo Neruda).

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    hawthorn /ˈhɔːθɔːn/ n. Crataegus Monogyna England

    A spring delight: intensely scented white flowers with pink stamens that diffuses a delicate, sweet perfume. ♦ Royal lineage: Also called the Princess of May, or goddess of spring as hawthorn bloom were used as spring crowns for young girls in ancient rites. ♦ Noble signature: a sprig of hawthorn is traditionally sent to the English Queen, who is said to decorate her breakfast table with it on Christmas morning. ♦ Symbolism: ultimate purity and delicacy. ♦ Mark the fair blooming of the Hawthorn Tree, Who, finely clothed in a robe of white, fills the wanton eye with May’s delight (Geoffrey Chaucer, the Father of English Literature).

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    pear /peə(r)/ n. Pyrus Domestica Italy

    A refreshing tasting fruit that has an apple-like shape. ♦ An achetype of all fruits: the pear has its name from colloquial Latin, meaning the “fruit” - hence pear is often called the exemplar of all fruits. ♦ A Roman heritage: succulent beauty of Italian Orchards. In Ancient Rome, people cultivated pear for food and medicine. ♦ Synonym for fertility and abundance: pear is associated to Pomona, Italian goddess of gardens and harvests. ♦ Longevity: therein grow trees, tall and luxuriant, pear trees… with their bright fruits. Of these the [pear] fruit perishes not nor fails in winter or in summer, but lasts throughout the year (Homer – Odyssey).

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    rose champaca /rəʊz champaca/ n. Rosa Hybrid France

    A tea rose obtained by crossing two of the most beautiful jewels of the rose kingdom. ♦ Delightful freshness: a luminous note with soft, plummy nuances, reminiscence of Frangipani flower. ♦ A term of endearment: Rose has its name from Latin word rosa, a fond way of addressing a loved-one. ♦ Champaca is derived from Sanskrit word campaka, an Indian tree of great beauty, venerated by Budhists. ♦ Symbol of true Love: in the Antic Rome, rose is intimately linked to Venus - goddess of Beauty - loved by Adonis yet desired by Mars. ♦ There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

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    sandalwood /ˈsændlwʊd/ n. Santalum Spicatum Australia

    Known as the sacred Tree. ♦ Silver-green foliage tree, thrives in Australia. ♦ Haute perfumery: sandalwood bark yields extremely precious oil with a creamy, resinous top note ♦ A long legacy: one of the oldest incense materials, sandalwood has been used in rites for at least 4,000 years. ♦ Etymology: name derived from Sanskrit candana. ♦ Spiritual: the Buddha is like a sandalwood tree; the dharma is like the scent given by that tree (Lopez, Buddhist Scriptures). ♦ Myth: Hindus believe that the whole of paradise is scented with the fragrance of sandalwood, the sacred tree of Lord Indra, a Hindu deity whose powers are comparable to Zeus.

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